EU Referendum Debate: The Investment Reviewer EU Referendum Poll

EU Referendum Poll

With less than two weeks until voting begins, The Investment Reviewer will be conducting its last EU Referendum Poll.

Previous polls on the site have overwhelmingly found that voters want to leave the European Union, with the main issue being immigration.

So have any of the recent EU Referendum TV debates changed your mind?

Or have they just been another waste of time and more about political point scoring than actually being informative?

My viewpoint is that it has been more about the latter and I have been unconvinced by both sides of the argument.

So based  on my own opinion, I have concluded the following three top pros and cons for remaining in the European Union: –

EU Referendum Poll – The Pros

Investment – Britain has attracted the most inward investment of any other EU country since 2006. Share of European foreign investment (FDI).

Growth – Britain’s cumulative growth (GDP) since 1993 has been 62%, compared to only 35% in Germany and 42% in France.

Financial Centre of Europe – London is by far the biggest financial centre in Europe.

EU Referendum Poll – The Cons

Immigration – This has by far been the biggest issue surrounding the EU Referendum debate, however I don’t believe it is the most important.

Trade – Although there has been widespread scaremongering about what would happen, trade agreements with the EU and other countries would be implemented without major issues.

EU Laws and Legislation – I believe that this is a bigger issue than immigration. Leaving would reduce red tape and free Britain from some of the ludicrous legislation in place.

There are clearly other issues, however the pros and cons listed above are my priorities and will be the issues that will make me vote yes or no.

If you think there are bigger issues than what I have listed in this article, please post a comment to add your voice to the debate.

The Investment Reviewer EU Referendum Poll

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Should the UK remain in the European Union?


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1 Comment on EU Referendum Debate: The Investment Reviewer EU Referendum Poll

  1. You assume incorrectly the status quo is the pro option. The EU is a house on fire. Eurozone collapse, cultural Marxism and Russian aggression will each (or any) be it’s failure.
    And you neglect the most compelling reason to leave, the single most significant reason Britain is a global player in every arena from commerce to sport to human rights to aerospace – our laws rooted in consensual, accountable democracy. The council f ministers is not nor has ever pretended to be accountable out democratic. There is s deafening silence about this from the remaining who themselves by and large disregard democracy using their old boy networks and the’party machine’. But at least we can get rid IDG the go too far.

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