EU Referendum Poll: Should the UK remain in the European Union?

EU Referendum Poll
EU Referendum What's Your View

With the latest EU Referendum Poll from Ipsos MORI giving the remain campaign a boost, what’s your view point?

Has the IMF warning over Brexit or the HM Treasury analysis changed your mind.

What about President Obama’s warning “a Post-Brexit trade deal with US could take 10 years

Ipsos Mori Poll 18th April 2016

Remain a Member of EU: 51%

Leave EU: 40%

Don’t Know: 9%

The Investment Reviewer is running it’s own poll and is asking people how they would vote in response to the question below.

This poll is closed! Poll activity:
Start date 09-03-2016 19:31:38
End date 09-05-2016 23:59:59
Poll Results:

Should the UK remain in the European Union?

Additional Poll Result Information

Number of Votes: 1096

Gender of Voters: 80% Men and 20% Women

Age Ranges: 1% 18-24, 12% 25-34, 21% 35-44, 23% 45-54, 27% 55-64 and 16% 65+

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22 Comments on EU Referendum Poll: Should the UK remain in the European Union?

    • Hi Sylvia

      Thanks for your comment. I have indicated that I’m still an undecided voter, however, I would be interested in finding out what your reasons for remaining in the EU are?

      • If your undecided just ask yourself one question. If the UK were not in the EU and this referendum was about joining the EU, would you vote to join.

          • Exactly, Steve, so why would anyone who wouldn’t choose to join, vote to remain? This is the opportunity to leave an institution that has changed out of all recognition from what we originally joined. I’m sure that taking the brave option will lead to a couple of years of uncertainty but we recovered from the financial crisis of 2007 and we can again.

    • suggest you go onto my facebook page to see what Cameron wants us to go into.daily rapes-robberies and even killings all in Europe. hundreds of thousands protesting on the streets in Germany–France–holland against the EU but one of the biggest things to get out it will stop TTIP and save the NHS. just do some research into NWO and ILLUMINATI and TTIP. YOU WILL SOON MAKE YOUR MIND UP. Regards John

    • For myself and my children’s chance of a positive future and a more secure and strong independent Britain. And I’m sick of the government paying x amount of our hard earned tax money into Europe. Out Out Out Exit Exit Exit. We don’t have enough say in how government run our country. The word independent in the dictionary sums it all up.

  1. Think what this country could do with all that money we keep giving the eu. nhs hospitals more money for training our own people for nurses, more schools etc.

  2. We all need to break free from the apron strings, so much is being said to frighten the electorate. We are not going to disappear into the abyss on the 24th June when voting out! We can keep laws/make new ones, still protect the environment as we always have done, trade with whoever we find it to be beneficial to and visa versa. Goodness how the remain group go on about safety etc. We will be safer taking control for ourselves. What do we say to our children when everything they want to do or say is governed by another country? We have the chance to make a brighter future and a free one! Please do some research online if needs be, I have, and we pay a vast amount to be a Member of what? A Bureaucratic hell. We always feel good when someone pats us on the head and says good boy, just like a pet, who serves you loyally. Need I say more.

  3. The eu is corrupt and run by dodgy politicians . Out of the eu will save our nhs and close our borders and stop terrorists, murderers, rapists from entering our country . Let’s make our country great and safe again

  4. Leaders of other nations and the banks don’t want us to leave, because they fear Brexit might be the pin prick that bursts the massive worldwide debt bubble. It’s going to happen soon anyway, so let’s get out before we become embroiled in the much bigger mess that will be the EU.

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